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All the way from Kyiv (Ukraine) we have Varvar Brew. The beer revolution has only just arrived in Ukraine. But Varvar Brew has been brewing a variety of styles for 3 years now. Always pushing the boundaries of what is considered beer, experimenting with ingredients and techniques, opening new horizons for local beer drinkers. They always strive for something new in style or flavor. But they never frown upon classics and are happy to rediscover traditional ways of making beer, barrel aging or using indigenous yeast. They are ever-curious.

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Siphon Brewing is a microbrewery in the West Flemish village of Damme (Belgium). Their beers have been described as 'Old World meets New World', combining classic Belgian styles incorporating an innovative twist with international styles not common in Belgium. Siphon Brewing were awarded the title of Ratebeer's Best New Brewery in Belgium in 2017 and their beers have been recognised at both the World Beer Awards and the Brussels Beer Challenge.

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Bryggverket is a small brewery from Umeå in the north of Sweden that started in 2014.That they like flavours and experimenting is an understatement. They’ve done everything from traditional lagers to beer with blood in it! They make beers with unexpected flavours, using the best ingredients, adding a great deal of curiosity and a lot of passion. They brew beer for themselves, and it turns out that other people like those flavours as well.

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À tue-tête from Switzerland! They like to brew and blend beers that reflect their terroir, with a twist of modernity. They love mixed fermentation, and are inspired by all kind of fermentation. They closely work together with winemakers and growers. They want to link present-day swiss craft beer to the old wine world. They try to innovate, using ingredients like vegetables, all parts of fruits (like pits, grape stems) or spent bread. Come and explore!

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Brouwerij de Moersleutel (Netherlands) are 4 brothers, always busy creating taste sensations, looking for improvements or new flavours and always optimizing their beers. They brew beer for people who love pronounced flavours. Their beer is pronounced, complex, balanced, often full and soft in texture. They are constantly tinkering with their recipes in search of perfection because they want to brew beer that is considered legendary. Their slogan is not for no reason ‘Anyone who drinks our beer must be spoiled for life and must want nothing more’. Come and check it out. Tasting at your own risk ;)

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Driven by passion, knowledge and creativity, they use the latest technology and only the best ingredients. They are one of the fastest-growing breweries in Hungary, have won lots of prices, but most importantly: they make great beers! Monyo Brewing Co. was founded in 2014 to revolutionize the scene of craft brewing in Hungary. Adam Pein convinced the best and most precise brewmaster of the country, Antal Nemeth, to join him to set up Monyo Brewing Co.

Science and the story behind the beers are just as important as the product itself. Last year they launched the Hungarian Terroir series, all unique and unrepeatable brews using special local ingredients, whether it's a fruit, a spice or a barrel.

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Bøgedal Brew is Scandinavia’s only all-gravity brewery! The worth is boiled over an open fire. Their method is an attraction in itself, since the brew flows freely (all gravity), from vat to vessel, without pumping. And Bøgedal is the only commercial brewery in the world that has innovated on the Danish tradition of brewing Godtoel or “the good beer”. The beer is very rich, full bodied with many of the natural sugars still intact. They brew ales in their own style from IpA'ish to Stout'ish, and work with Oak Aged Sours using fermented local start cultures. Bøgedal is all about reinventing sustainable slow production, all of this on a beautiful old farm in the country side of Denmark....

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They started off in 2008 as Brasserie de Bastogne, and are very proud of the new brewery they built this year and gave the new name Brasserie Minne. The secret of this fantastic brewery in the South of Belgium, in the region of the forests and its wild boars, is Philippe Minne's passion for brewing and his continuous drive to keep on learning, improving the process and exploring the diversity in all fermentation styles. They are known for their lactic, wild and mixed fermented beers as well as their classic beers. At the festival they plan on surprising you with some of their Wood Barrel projects and some sour & classic session beers.

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Edge Brewing was founded in Barcelona in 2014 and has been brewing a wide range of beer styles, from hoppy saisons and IPAs to barrel-aged stouts and porters. However they are best known for their sour beers where they combine fruit, spice and herbs to bring flavour, complexity, and interest to kettle-soured beers. Beers like Apassionada with passion fruit and hibiscus, or Sangría Sour with fruits and spices to evoke the spirit of Sangría in a beer, or their version of a Piña Colada brewed with coconut and pineapple, or their Gose Margarita with kaffir lime, coriander and salt… Are you curious which cocktail inspired beers they’re going to bring? Or will they surprise us with something completely new? For us to know, for you to find at the Leuven Innovation Beer Festival! Cheers!

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For the first time in Belgium! Dancing Camel Brewery is Israel's oldest craft brewery, located in the heart of Tel Aviv in a vintage 1930's grain warehouse. Not far from where years ago a 5,000 year-old Egyptian brewery was excavated proving that beer continues to be a window into both ancient and modern culture. Since 2005, the’ve been dedicated to brewing distinctly Israeli beers. Beers that reflect the unique culture and history of the land by accenting the beers with the vast collection of fruits, herbs and spices indigenous to the region, some mentioned as far back as biblical times.


G’Bräu from Berlin makes a cold fermented, lager-type gruit beer which is very special in Germany. They don’t use any hops at all. Thus they are not brewing according to the German Reinheitsgebot (purification law). That is why they call it "G´Bräu" instead of beer. Germany recently prohibited them to sell their beers under the name of G’Bräu. So as we are writing this, they’re changing their name to G’BROI. But we are very happy to welcome them with their real name G’Bräu!

They make organic beer, brewed only with wild herbs like alehoof, stinging nettle, yarn, artemisia etc. Besides from the great and refreshing taste their beers have, they belief in the healing and nourishing power of those ancient herbs for body, soul and spirit. So come and refuel yourself!

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Located in the small town of Birling, Kent Brewery brews a range of highly hopped beers, new and old styles. Most notably they are a big believer in the traditional English way of serving the beer. By serving out of cask the beer gets a whole different experience compared to when it’s served in can or keg. By the use of hand pumps they serve the beer in an almost flat state but still cooled and crisp to drink.

They will be bringing some beers on cask and some bottle beers. A perfect opportunity to see for yourself what way you like it best. We belief it's a unique experience, something anyone should at least try once!

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Meet Wicked Weed Brewing! Our 14th brewery is coming from Asheville, North Carolina. They approach beer the way a painter approaches a canvas. To them, innovation is evident. They combine all kind of old cellaring methods with new flavors and production techniques, using local botanicals and spices, but they’re not shy to include more exotic ingredients. Wicked Weed Brewing’s focus is in West Coast-style IPAs and a robust sour and wild ale program. Not to miss!

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Both founded by Pekka Kääriäinen: Bryggeri Helsinki and Lammin Sahti which is also Finland’s oldest microbrewery, founded in 1985. Bryggeri Helsinki produces a wide diversity of skilfully crafted beers and Lammin Sahti is famous for its Sahti, a traditional Finnish beer speciality, a very low carbonated and sweetish farmhouse drink. Filtered with juniper twigs and fermented with baking yeast, sahti is cloudy beer with fruity aromas and phenolic flavours. Sahti needs to be freshly made to drink, so it’s very rare to find it with us. So make sure to try it at the festival!

Brùton (IT)

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Brùton produces and sells happiness, on draft and in bottles. May cause hilarity. In Lucca, since 2006 and now at the festival!

Brùton was born in a wine country, from Apo the son of a wine-maker. They produce classic styles, with an Italian touch, working on elegance and drinkability. Plus yeah, they’ve been making Italian Grape Ales before the style was born! And no, they don’t make beers having a mud-like appaerence.

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And last but not least! Our selves. Hof ten Dormaal aspires to be a true farmhouse brewery. By cultivating most of our own grains and hops the circle is almost complete. Our beers reflect our mindset. A lot of them have a distinct saison taste or are foudre and barrel sours. We’re not afraid to experiment and released numerous beers with unlikely ingredients and brewing methods. At LIBF we present some new beers as well as some classics!